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Choice of roller shutters in Toowoomba

All-round choice for practicality and style

For an all-round insulation and shade solution that combines practicality, affordability and style, look no further than our extensive range of roller shutters.

They act as an immediate source of privacy and security by covering the windows or doors in your home or property. Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their home is safe when they are out for the day or spending some time in the backyard.

Reducing heating and cooling costs

Roller shutters provide excellent thermal insulation in both winter and summer, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Costs associated with heating and cooling your home can be dramatically reduced by our roller shutters.

Protecting your property

Not only are the Roller shutters fully adjustable to allow for light and ventilation, they also prevent the fading of carpets and interior furnishings, give privacy at night and during the day and are available in electronic or manual models.

Made from a lightweight but extremely strong material, the aluminium skin is injected with polyurethane foam for added strength and insulation.

For more details about the range of roller shutters available at d-Blinds, call the team on 07 4633 3666 .

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